Các từ tiếng anh viết tắt ?

Mình vào các diễn đàn và chơi game online mọi người hay dùng những từ viết tắt như :asl,lol ... Cho hỏi những từ viết tắt đó có ý nghĩa như thế nào ?
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p l z : please

IC : I see

4u : for u

asl : age, sex, location (tuổi, giới tính, nơi ở)

u : you

afk -- away from keyboard

bbl -- be back later

bbiab -- be back in a bit

kkz = okay

ttyl = talk to you later

lv a mess = leave a message

lata = later [ bye]

n2m = not too much

newayz = anyways

gtg = gotta go

noe = know

noperz = no

yupperz = yes

l o l z = laughing out loud

teehee = cười

lmfao = laughing my f*ckin' *ss off

nah = no

nuthin' = nothing

BS = b*ll sh*t

TTYL = talk to you later

LD = later, dude

OIC = oh I see

PPL = people

sup = what's up

wan2tlk = want to talk?

wkd = weekend

dts = dont think so

cul8r = see you later

aas = alive and smiling

gf = girlfriend

g2g = got to go

ga = go ahead

ilu = i love you

rme = rolling my eyes

ss = so sorry

spk = speak

stw = search the web

thx = thanks

tc = take care

sul = see you later

gol = giggling out loud

hru = how are you

ybs = you'll be sorry

wuf? = where are you from?

bc = because

bbl = be back later

otb = off to bed

np = no problem

nbd = no big deal

tam = tomorrow A.M

tu = thank you

bf = boy friend

b4 = before

wtg = way to go

brb -- be right back

btw -- by the way

channel -- another name for room or chat room

cya -- see ya

gmta -- great minds think alike

imho -- in my humble opinion

j/k -- just kidding

irl -- in real life

lag -- this occurs when a server gets overloaded and transfer of messages becomes extremely slow.

rotfl -- rolling on the floor laughing, like this

server -- the entry portal for a network; most networks have at least two, some have many servers

ttfn -- ta ta for now

ttyl -- talk to you later

wb -- welcome back

gg = good game

lmao = laugh my ass off

wtf? : what the ****?

coz: cause

nmjc: nothing much just chilling

g2g: get to go

g9: good night

ty = thank you

wth= what the heck

cuz = cause

dun = dont

know = no

omg= oh my god

dt = double team !

msg - message

nvm - never mind

asap = as soon as possible

gg = good game

lmao = laugh my ass off

coz: cause

nmjc: nothing much just chiliing

hs: head shot

ns: nice shot

n = and

da = the

'em: them.

t': to.

'im: him

m': me.

aim: american instant message.

dun: don't

yss or yep: yes

wanna: want to

sup: what's up?

aloha, G'day, etc.

roommie: roommate.

pal, dude, mate: friend.

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