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chitachita zizithanh@yahoo.com Trả lời cuối cùng: 24/06/2010
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      Xin game máy cảm ứng Nokia 5233?

      Nguyễn Văn Nguyện 23/06/2010 - 18:26

      Ai có game cho 5233 ( cảm ứng thì cho e xin nhá, đi kèm thêm mấy cái theme nữa nhá

      Thank nhièu nhá

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      24/06/2010 - 11:06

      Top 10 S60v5 Games Collection For Nokia 5230,5233,5800,N97

      here is Top 10 S60v5 edition mobiles games collection for nokia 5233,5800,n97,5230,x6 etc.these games are highly enjoyable and complicated for brain full exercise with adventure and puzzle these games are most popular on PC but now available for your smartphone at one place with new and different look.keep enjoying!

      10. Puzzled Block

      Puzzled Block game J2ME ML mobiles game with over 250 levels no time limit imposed or ultra fast reflexes requires
      Download Puzzled Block

      9. M.U.M.U. Judgment Day

      Mumu Judgment Day arcade symbainos9.4 mobile game.the Large Hadron Collier crash has burnt our world down in a doomsday fire and the new era has begun.Civilizations have fallen, cities lie in ruins, people transforms into animals and animals becomes humans.
      Download M.U.M.U. Judgment Day

      8. m:Mafia

      m:Mafia adventure game for s60 5th edition smartphone.Select a gangster and fight with your enemies as like don play game using touch screen Case, Fix and Enforce your way to the top.You’ll need a Wi-Fi or 3G connection to make the most of the game but if you want to keep it in the family, then this game allows you to keep tabs in-game as well as through Facebook.
      Download m:Mafia Game

      7. Dungeon Quest

      Dungeon Quest tuchscreen s60v5 mobile game connected with facebook.Dungeon Quest the first fantasy based RPG game having unsusual challenges, thrilling fights, unique weapons.GPRS or Wi Fi data connection requard for connection facebook
      Download Dungeon Quest

      6. BioShock

      BioShock Ovi nokia collection game for nokia 5230,nokia 5800,nokia x6,nokia n97.BioShock oddest most original game for pc now it available for s60v3 touchscreen mobile phones,it’s also highly enjoyable only adds to the fun.
      Download BioShock Game

      5. Checkers Touch

      All of these games are similar in Game play. In every kind of checkers touchscreen game specially designed for Nokia 5800 and N97, the other Player’s Pieces can be taken by being “jumped” over.You can play the single player game against your smartphone or you can challenge your friend in two player mode over Wi-Fi or 3G.
      Download Checkers Touch Game

      4. Zum-Zum (Herocraft)

      Zum Zum S60v5 symbian OS9.4 touch screen smart phone game.ZUM ZUM is a puzzle game similar like popcom it full enjoyable time pass game.chain of multi-colored balls by creating lines of at least three pieces of the same colour before the scarab, who is a pyramid’s guardian, takes a chain away to his lair. Sounds odd but it’s a great game if you like your nerves to be shredded.
      Download Zum Zum Game

      3. High Speed 3D Lite

      High Speed 3D Racing s60 5th edition smart mobiles game with the experience of speed excitement on more then 20 racing tracks,choose your car from 9 different speedy models and a whole host of customizations with petrol-head to tinker with.
      Download High Speed 3D Game

      2. Maps Racing

      Maps racing one of the most favorite car racing game fot s60v5 symbian os9.4 phones by Ovi download free full version Cracked and Signed available here mostly playing in Nokia 5800 and Nokia N97 Smartphone Mobiles using GPS for displaying maps of your home town, or any town loaded onto it, allowing you to use them as a virtual race track.Maps Racing Game
      Dwonload Maps racing Game

      1. Super Mario

      Super Mario symbina s06 5th editon os9.4 mobile game.now with new version graphics ,dialog ,SuperMario real soundFX,opelgl rendering.Install and keep enjoying adventure of Mario.
      Download Super Mario Game


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      Tri Qk Moon

      20/06/2015 - 06:41
      Em đang xài nokia 5233 như em ko biết máy này chạy dòng symbian mấy ạ xin anh (chị) giúp giùm em . Có thể chỉ em được ko ? Em xin cám ơn. Thân chào !
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