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0V00014007 A2000BC - 17383-0001 – Hệ thống camera – Video system – Song Thành Công


Tên: 0V00014007 A2000BC - 17383-0001 – Hệ thống camera

Model: 0V00014007 A2000BC - 17383-0001

Nhà sản xuất: Video system

Đại lý phân phối: Song Thành Công

[caption id="attachment_6934" align="alignnone" width="400"]0V00014007 A2000BC - 17383-0001 – Hệ thống camera – Video system 0V00014007 A2000BC - 17383-0001 – Hệ thống camera – Video system[/caption]


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  • HDS2048F85 is the vision system equipped with dimensional measurement software optimized for the detection of bars and rods: after over 10 years of constant presence on the market, it is an extremely reliable system.  
  • HDS2048F85 is suitable for use on automatic rod counting systems or product dimensional measurement.
  • Adamantis A2000BC is the evolution of the HDS2048F85 system introduced on the market in 2010.
  • A2000BC is an innovative bar counting system with Ethernet connectivity that further reduces the installation times and improves the performance and the counting speed.
  • HDS2048F85 and A2000BC are supplied with the MR65R smart illuminator, the best light source for counting rebars and rods.

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Least Count : 10 kg/cm²
 Model Code : WP4-40-2-4NM-LGF
Scale Range 0 to 420 kg/cm² (Single Scale)
All SS (AISI 304 SS Wetted Parts) Pressure Gauge Bourdon Type
WP4 : Basic Model Code of Product
40 : Dial Size – 100 mm / 4
2: Mounting – Direct Bottom Entry
 4NM : Process Connection – 1/2” NPT (M)
deviation : Scale Range : 0 to 420 kg/cm² instead of 0 to 400 kg/cm².
 LGF : Glycerin Filled Case

MTS Sensor

Code: RP5SA0800M02R101A100
Temposonics® R-Series V Profile
Note: RPS0800MR101A02 is obsoleted
Recheck delivery time before order

MTS Sensor

Code: RH5MA0100M02R101A100
Temposonics® G-Series
Note: RHM0100MR10AA02 is obsoleted
Recheck delivery time before order


Code: 751107
Description: PNOZ s7 C 24VDC 4 n/o 1 n/c
contact expansion


Code: 787587
Description: PZE X4.1P C 24VDC 4n/o
Contact expansion


Code: 774300
Description: PNOZ X1 24VAC/DC 3n/o 1n/c
Safety relay


Code: 772100
Description: PNOZ m B0
Configurable safe small controllers






Model: DC72FRC
Digital Compost Probe - 72" stem
super duty/fast response 3/8" dia. stem
with 1/4" tip
S.S. Threaded Case
Green printed dial
1000 ohm RTD
Battery Pack Included
-50 to 200°C
Orange Painted Handle
Pointed Tip



PHONE: 035 964 3939 (ZALO) - 0914 141 944

EMAIL: vantu@songthanhcong.com

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