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Project Standard 2010

Project Standard 2010

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Microsoft Fluent User Interface

Microsoft Project 2010 - Project Management Fluent User Interface
  • Work more efficiently with the simple and intuitive Microsoft Fluent user interface—new graphical menus and a familiar experience provide the you need to plan and manage your project.

  • Task-oriented tabs and contextual menu groupings reveal powerful features, making it easier to get started and realize results.

  • Learn about features and rich formatting controls quickly with descriptive tooltips and drop-down galleries.

  • Simply be more productive by choosing your own menu options, quick access toolbar settings and setting defaults.

  • Save to XPS or PDF. Quickly share, print, and publish project information from one location using the new Microsoft® Office Backstage™ view.

Excel-Like Flexibility & Ease

Excel-Like Flexibility & Ease Screenshot by Project Management Software
  • Enhanced copy and paste makes it easy to share information effectively with other Microsoft Office applications while retaining formatting.

  • Add columns dynamically by entering data without having to first select the data type.

  • Simplify data entry with auto-complete which displays a list of previously used values to select from.

  • Automatic text wrap eliminates extra formatting steps by adjusting row height to display full task names.

  • Quickly mine data and analyze results with easy access filtering for all columns.

  • Create emphasis with rich color options and text formatting to express ideas and solve problems in new ways.

User-Controlled Scheduling

User-Controlled Scheduling in Microsoft Project Standard 2010
  • Gain flexibility with user-controlled scheduling—manually schedule tasks with the information you have right now or choose to automatically schedule tasks with calculated dates and durations.

  • Be alerted to potential scheduling concerns with squiggly lines and choose how to manage potential problems.

  • Gain insight with the Task Inspector to recognize issues and take action early—solving problems before they occur.

  • Support rolling wave planning and easily create high level forecasts using manually scheduled top down summary tasks.

  • Identify gaps by comparing manually scheduled summary tasks with information rolled up from subtasks.

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