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Máy thở carina - Đức

Máy thở carina - Đức

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The Carina ventilator offers both invasive and non-invasive capabilities in one device. Its latest technology, known as "Synch Plus," will compensate for leakage and provide effective breath delivery. The Carina is well-suited for the emergency room, general ward, ICU, or sub-acute facilities as it features an internal battery and can operate independent of a high-pressure gas system...

The SyncPlus function features automatic leakage compensation and automatic termination criteria. As a result, it precisely synchronizes ventilation to the patient's breathing requirements... even in the presence of changing ventilation patterns or mask leakages. Its sophisticated trigger function helps to minimize the work of breathing. And, its automatic ramp adjustment optimizes the inflation pattern to the patient's changing needs for increased comfort during ventilation...

Carina's internal battery lasts about one hour, and the external battery option offers eight additional hours of battery life...

While Carina delivers all the performance and sophistication most ventilation situations require, it features the marvelous quiet blower. As a result, this uncompromising value offers the tranquil environment for patients and staff.

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