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Tiêu chuẩn:USP, EP, CP and JP
Ứng dụng:Tablet Hardness Tester
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Tablet Hardness Tester HDT-400L

Hardness Tester

Describe Tablet Hardness Tester HDT-400L

  • The operation and design of the Logan Tablet Hardness Tester HDT-400L are in full compliance with the valid monograph for the USP, EP, CP and JP
  • The load cell in this system offers 10 times more accurate results than required. The instrument itself is made from high quality metal which meets in full the GLP requirements
  • The Logan HDT-400L is simple to use. The HDT-400L plunger works to measure the hardness, diameter, and thickness of samples
  • Lift the top plastic cover of the Load-Cell Compartment and load the sample on the tray within the Tablet-Jaw
  • A removable plastic tray is attached under the Load Cell Compartment. The small hand-held brush is provided to neatly remove sample fragments
  • The calibration is a simple procedure which can be performed on a flat surface with standard tools
  • The Logan HDT-400L Hardness Tester is for testing the tablets or cores, sweets or capsules shape samples
  • The microprocessor control measurement system provides accuracy and versatility. All test results are shown on the digital LED display and printed out on the printer
  • There are two operation modes offered: Manual and Automatic. The Manual mode operates one sample per cycle
  • The automatic mode can operate a total of 99 samples, with a five second pause between samples
  • The range of hardness can be measured from 5.00 N-350 N; the diameter and thickness range can be measured from 2.0 mm to 35.0 mm
  • The hardness measurement can be selected as N, kp (kiloponds) or Sc. The diameter and thickness measurement can be selected as mm or inches


  • To test each sample, press Start/Pause. After the plunger finishes crushing the sample and returns to the home position, the HDT-400L refreshes the display screen and shows the data from the sample
  • Clean the Load Cell Compartment and load the next sample. Press Start/Pause to test the loaded sample
  • To end a test press Statistic/Print and the statistical result will be printed and on the display. The Quantity will be given as 100


  • Specify the Quantity for the test. The HDT-400L will move automatically to test each sample
  • In between samples it will pause to allow the operator to clean the Load Cell Compartment and load a new sample
  • The display will refresh with data after testing each sample. To end a test, press the “Statistic/Print” key and the statistical result will be printed and on the display


  • The first x could be g (gram) or mg (milligram)
  • The second x could be N (Newton), kp (kiloponds), or Sc (Strocobb)
  • The third x could be mm (millimeter) or In (Inches)
System Layout

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Front Panel Key layout↓









Load Cell Compartment↓













Rear View↓








Calibration and Validation

  • The current USP Pharmacopeia requires the force sensor of a tablet hardness testing instrument to be calibrated periodically over the complete measuring range (or the range used for measuring samples) with a precision of 1N
  • All Logan tablet hardness testing instrument can be statically calibrated over the complete measuring range using different traceable counterweights
  • All instruments support the checking of at least three different points during calibration to prove the linearity of the force sensor
  • The user-friendly interface is enhanced by a display that includes a high-resolution color touch screen with one click to switch languages
  • Account and password login, combined with a threelevel user management system, ensures data security
  • The real-time calendar function allows for time settings to be calibrated with permission. To achieve the highest accuracy, the system has three calibration points: 5 kg, 10 kg and 15 kg
  • Entry of time and date password protected
  • Enter batch number
  • Automatic re-start facility to speed up the testing sequence
  • Documentation of all results using a separate PCL or dot-matrix printer
  • Data transfer via RS-232 interface
  • Hardness testing in compliance with the USP, EP, CP and JP

Standard Scope of  Supply The HDT-400L comes ready to use with the following standard scope of supply:

  • Standard Jaw set to allow hardness test of all size and shape samples
  • Broken Sample collector
  • Printer and cables
  • Hand-held brush
  • User manual
  • IQ documentation
  • OQ documentation
  • Conformity Declaration

Options In addition to the standard scope of supply Logan offers a broad range of accessories and options including:

  • 500N (HDT-500L)
  • Recommended spare part set
  • Full range of certified validation tools available


  • The HDT-400L plunger works with two strokes. When “Yes” is selected, it moves right to gently touch the sample (sample should be loaded standing vertically) and measures the thickness Then it moves to the left and pulls the sample down
  • The plunger crushes the sample in the second stroke and measures the hardness. When “No” is selected, the plunger only works with the second stroke and does not measure thickness

Caution Items

  • If there is no sample in the Load Cell Compartment, the plunger will stop and return to the stand by position. Place the sample in the sample carrier and press Start/Pause to continue
  • If hardness is over 125 % (20 kp) of the plunger force, “Over Load” will be shown on the display and the plunger will return to the stand by position, beep, and stop automatically
  • The MFR recommends warming up the HDT-400L for (15 to 20) minutes prior to performing any tests
hardness tester
Hardness Tester HDT-400L & HDT-500L

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Technical Specifications

Hardness testing rangeHDT-400L: 5.0 – 350.0 N
Hardness accuracyBetter than ±1.0 %
Hardness resolution0.1 N
Thickness testing range2.00 – 35.00 mm
Thickness accuracyBetter than ±0.03 mm
Diameter testing range2.00 – 35.00 mm
Diameter accuracyBetter than ±0.03 mm
Thickness, diameter resolution0.01 mm
Measuring unitsWeight mg (milligrams) or g (grams) Hardness N (Newtons) or kp (kilopond, 1 kp = 1 kg) or Sc (Strocobb, 1 kg=1.43 Sc)
Time Per Test≤45 sec
Test MethodManual or Automated (maximum 99 tablets)
Test DataTablet hardness and table diameter
DisplayLCD display for No. of samples, thickness, diameter and hardness results
KeyboardNumerical and function keys
Printer OutputStandard for PC printers
Number of tests for statisticsThe automatic mode can operate a total of 99 samples
Power110 Volt AC or 220 Volt AC, 50/60 Hz
Installation requirements
  • Ambient Temperature 15-35 °C Relative Humidity 15-80 %rH
  • Desk with at least 50 kg working load. All around the instrument at least 10 cm free distance to walls or other equipment. Free access to the mains power plug and switch
CertificationAll components certified to USP / EP requirements
ValidationAll IQ & OQ documents included

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